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Struggling with pant legs that are too long, arm holes that are too big, and awkward fitting jackets? Girl, I feel your pain and I got you! I’m 4’11” and 110lbs, so I totally remember the days of shopping in the kids section and making best friends with my local tailor. Thankfully over the years I’ve found some great petite-friendly stores that make shopping for clothes so much easier!

Ann Taylor Stores are well known for carrying clothing for a range of sizes including petites. Their styles range from business suits to casual weekend wear, so there’s always plenty of options to shop through. Ann Taylor Loft also has different fits and lengths in addition to their regular and petite sizes. There was a point a few years ago when I only bought dresses from Loft because I loved how perfectly they fit. Loft always has sales, so you’ll never have to pay full price for anything!

My tried and true original petite powerhouse! Banana Republic was one of the first stores I shopped at when I was building my work-wear wardrobe, and it continues to be a staple brand in my closet. The clothing quality is impeccable with prices to match. Much like Loft, Banana Republic also runs sales frequently, so there’s no reason to pay full price. Just wait for a sale, and you could save yourself hundreds of dollars!

Lots of designer brands have petite sizes, but not so petite prices. Nordstrom has a great rewards program and runs some amazing sales with decent discounts on designer and higher end brands. You can sometimes score an even steeper discount at Nordstrom Rack during certain times of the year. I love to shop at Nordstrom for chic workwear and staple everyday wardrobe pieces that I want to keep for years. You get all the quality of designer and high end brands without the price tag! 

I discovered Lulus last year when I was searching for fashionable and affordable online clothing stores. The quality of Lulus pieces are fantastic and a great alternative to more expensive designer brands. Lulus has a great variety of styles from casual day-to-day pieces to formal floor-length dresses. One thing I love the most about shopping with Lulus is the detailed information that customers fill out when they leave a comment. Most customers share their height, weight, clothing size, and the overall fit of the piece. It’s so helpful to read comments, especially from women around the same height, weight, and size as me. It’s saved me so much time in deciding between similar styles or when I feel like I’m between sizes. 

There are a ton of petite-friendly retailers that offer a wide range of styles and fits for petite women. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find clothes that fit well off the rack, so I’m glad I can share my favorite petite-friendly retailers with you. If you liked this post, subscribe to my newsletter for more petite-friendly fashion!

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