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Working from home can be a great perk, but it’s not always as comfortable as you might think. I live in a small New York City apartment without a dedicated office space, and the novelty of working from my couch got old fast. By the end of my first day working from home, my back was killing me and I could feel my tendonitis flaring up too. Thankfully I found everything I needed on Amazon to create the perfect work from home space  Keep reading for my back saving work from home essentials!

Lap Top Stand

Chances are if you don’t have a dedicated office space in your place, you most likely don’t have a desktop computer either. Working off a laptop might be ok for a day or two, but if you spend the majority of your work day on the computer, hunching over is going to lead to back pain and discomfort really quick. A laptop stand is a great tool for adjusting the angle of the screen and keyboard to make it more ergonomic. Amazon has a few different options, but I really like this adjustable laptop stand because you can customize the angle to what’s comfortable for you and it folds flat for easy storage. I also love how the open design keeps my computer from overheating. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Before making the switch to working from home full time, I definitely underestimated how much ergonomics impacted my productivity at work. Honestly, I never actually gave it much thought until I found myself hunched over my laptop keyboard struggling to type while keeping my neck at a neutral angle. Simply adjusting the height and angle of my screen with a laptop stand wasn’t enough, so I invested in a wireless keyboard and mouse.

There are tons of options on Amazon, but I was drawn to the keyboard and mouse combo from Joyaccess because of the rave reviews, easy wireless pairing, and compatibility with MacBooks. The pretty rose gold color might have sold me on it a little too.  Now, I can easily see my screen and type at the same time while keeping my neck and back at a relatively neutral angle. Having a physical mouse is also super convenient.

Wrist Support and Mousepad

If you find yourself struggling with tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and poor circulation, you might want to consider getting some wrist supports for your keyboard and mouse. Sitting on the computer all day can really do a number on your body, including your hands and wrists. You can alleviate some of the stress on your wrist joints by keeping them in a neutral position with wrist support accessories. 

I love anything pink, rose gold, white, and marble lately, so I was super excited to find this adorable keyboard rest and mousepad set. There are tons of different designs available on Amazon, so anyone can find a style that suits them. 

Folding Computer Desk

This one is optional depending on your needs, but I highly recommend separating your regular living space from your work from home space. If you live in cramped quarters and can’t afford to carve out any precious real estate for your home office, a folding computer desk is the perfect solution. A folding desk creates the illusion of a separate workspace without the permanence of a regular desk. 

I really like how this small computer desk folds flat so it’s easy to store and that it also has a second shelf for items you need/want, but don’t have space for on your work surface!

Boyfriend/Husband Pillow

When you work from home, you may not have a traditional computer desk chair like you would in a typical office setting. If you’re like me and you have one special chair that you like to sit in while you work, you might benefit from having some extra lower back support to keep you comfortable. I’m a huge fan of the boyfriend/husband pillow for lower back support and cushioning. There are tons of small low-back pillows you can buy, but the boyfriend/husband pillow is versatile enough that you can use it on your favorite chair, the couch, and even in bed if you want to work or browse from under the comforter. While the boyfriend/husband pillow may not be exclusively a work from home product, I’ve found that it definitely makes things much more comfortable no matter where I feel like sitting. 

Bonus for MacBook Users: USB-C Hub Adapter

The new slim profile of MacBook laptops means you need an external hub for additional ports like an SDcard reader or USB port. I personally use and love the Satechi Aluminum Type-C USB 3.0 3-in-1 Combo Hub. It has all the ports I need, it’s lightweight, and it matches the rose gold color of my MacBook Air! Satechi has tons of functional and sleek accessories to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your needs. 

As a newly minted remote employee and part-time blogger, I’ve learned pretty quickly how important a functional and comfortable workspace is. When you’re comfortable, you can focus better, be more productive, and really enjoy the perks of working from home!

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