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Travel can be a pain, but there are a few travel essentials you can pick up to make your trip a little less stressful. I absolutely love to travel, and I definitely want to do more of it this year, so I’ve been doing a little research into travel accessories worth investing in. Here are my top 5 travel essentials I plan on picking up for my 2020 adventures!

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Travel Essential #1: Sleep Mask with built in bluetooth earbuds

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve tried rest on a plane only to spend 10 minutes digging to the bottom of my bag looking for my wireless earbuds only to lose my separate sleep mask in the shuffle. I am a constant item-juggler. A sleep mask with built-in bluetooth earbuds sounds like the perfect solution to my juggling issue, and after reading a bunch of reviews, I’m set on trying this one out the next time I travel.

I love that the bluetooth function is detachable from the mask so the mask can be washed. As a slight germaphobe, having the ability to wash my sleep mask is a huge plus. This bluetooth sleep mask also fully contours to the face, so you don’t need to worry about that pesky flash of light that you would normally get right by your nose from cheap sleep masks.

Travel Essential #2: Reusable Water Bottle with a Filter

Reusable filtered water bottles are fantastic to have whether you’re traveling or constantly on the go. I’ve been wanting a water bottle with a filter for a while because it’s more eco-friendly than constantly buying plastic water bottles. There are a bunch of filtered water bottle brands available, but I really like this one. Even though you have to replace the filter from time to time, it’s so much better than buying plastic water bottles. 

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or heading out to a tropical island on vacation, a filtered water bottle is a travel essential that’s also a great investment for your health. Different countries have varying water purity standards, so having the ability to filter your own water is a great option to have.

Travel Essential #3: Foldable Nylon Bag

There are a ton of Foldable Nylon Bags on the market, but I haven’t found any as durable as my Longchamp Le Pilage tote in the Large size. I’ve used this tote for everything from a daily work bag, to a carry-on purse, and everything in between. I love that I can fold up my Longchamp if I’m not using it and pack it away as a backup. The nylon construction is super flexible and very durable, making this bag a real workhorse for a woman on the go. I also love how the stitched leather straps give the bag a more polished look. I’ve had my Black Longchamp Le Pilage Large tote for about 4 years, and although it’s still going strong, I want to add a new one to my rotation. The navy one is on my wishlist because it matches my favorite Samsonite carry-on suitcase!

Travel Essential #4: Solar Power Bank

How many times have you panicked looking for an outlet to charge your phone because you forgot to charge your power bank? I love my portable battery charger from Jackery, but when I forget to charge it, it’s completely useless! I’ve been wanting a Solar powered battery charger for a while because it’s a lot easier to find sunlight than it is to find an outlet sometimes. I love that this one is not only compatible with phones and tablets, but the description says that it can also power your laptop too. When you’re traveling, there’s no telling how convenient it will be to find an outlet to charge your electronics, and when you travel to Europe, you also need to use a special adapter. I love that this power bank eliminates the need for a cord and an adaptor to charge it. Less stuff to bring, means more room for souvenirs!

Travel Essential #5: Lightweight Collapsible Tripod

Since taking my blog more seriously, I’ve been bringing my DSLR camera everywhere. I found this super lightweight collapsible tripod with a couple of really cool features, like a bluetooth shutter button and an iPhone mount. I would love to be able to get photos with my traveling partner without having to ask another person to take the photo. While most people have great intentions, I rarely get a good photo from strangers. A tripod with a bluetooth shutter button is a great solution to this issue. I also love that it has an iPhone mount, so I can get great shots right on my phone instead of needing to upload them to my laptop and google drive first.

My next international trip will be to Prague sometime in the spring or summer with my amazing Aunt Connie, and I’m super excited! I think a huge part of my passion for travel comes from her. Ever since I was little, she was always jetting off to one place or another. She’s been all over the world, and I’m so excited I can finally join her on a trip! Hopefully I’ll be able to collect all the travel essentials on my wishlist before then, so I can do a full review of all of them!

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