The Rosé Wine Mansion is an immersive wine-tasting experience that’s perfect for a girls day out. I’ve been wanting to go since it opened in Summer 2018, so I’m so glad that I finally got around to it! I went with my best friend Sydney and we had the best time wandering through the Museum taking pictures and tasting different Rosé wines. Keep reading for a full rundown of what to expect and my tips to make your visit amazing!

The Rosé Wine mansion is a museum dedicated to the history of Rosé wine complete with interactive rooms and complimentary tastings. When you arrive, you’ll have the option to use the coat check service for any large bags or outerwear that you don’t want to carry around. The “lobby” area is designed to look like a glam airline terminal complete with instagram-worthy backdrops to start off your museum tour. Before you actually enter the fun part of the museum, you’ll be asked to scan your e-ticket, fill out some liability waivers, and watch a short rules video. Then, you get a complimentary plastic Rosé Mansion wine glass and you’re off to sip sip away!

Rose Mansion Glasses

Each room has a different Rosé-related theme that corresponds to the wine you’re tasting. The staff members are really nice and great to chat with. There’s a really nice mixture of sweet, semi-sweet, and dry wines to taste. Sydney and I have different tastes in wine, but were both able to find a few wines that we really liked, so there’s definitely something for everyone!

Pro Tip: If you really like a particular wine, ask the staff member pouring it if you can take a picture of the bottle.

Woman taking a selfie

Some of the rooms have fun props you can use to take the cutest photos and boomerangs. Everyone we met there was so nice and always willing to help us out with photos or props. Be a good sport and offer to take photos of groups of friends and I’m sure they’ll 100% return the favor! Most of the visitors to Rosé Mansion are women, so take the time to share some female empowerment and hype each other up! That was probably my favorite part of the whole experience. Nothing says solidarity like 4 women who have never met before gathered around one person’s photo throwing fistfuls of rose petals in the air for 10 minutes just so they can get the perfect shot. Seriously, the vibes in this place are amazing!

Pro Tip: The lighting is honestly terrible. I brought my DSLR with me and I only ended up using it at the very end. Stick to a reliable phone camera and get ready to do some editing before posting to the gram.

New Year New Me Pose

Speaking of “the gram,” everyone was dressed up for a photoshoot for sure! You definitely don’t need to dress up, but since there are so many props and cute photo stations, it’s a great opportunity to get some awesome IG content.

Pro Tip: Most of the rooms incorporate some shade of Millennial Pink (light bubbly pink), so almost any color would look great against the different backdrops. I personally think black, white, and any shade of pink would look best. In retrospect, I’d probably swap my light blue sweater out for something a little bit more fitted.

Sydney and I had a blast and we found some fantastic rosé wines to drink on our next girls night in! I 100% recommend visiting the Rosé Wine Mansion on your next trip to NYC!

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