The beginning of a New Year is a common time for people to set goals and start fresh. While I’m a firm believer in setting new goals and embarking on new adventures at any time of the year, I’m definitely in the New Year’s spirit this year. What better time to wipe the slate clean and start new than the start of a new decade?! It’s been a while since I’ve set New Year resolutions and come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time that I did! This year I’m ready for 2020, and I’ve come prepared to make the most of it. Read on for my personal 2020 New Year’s Resolutions! 

Regularly Implement Self-Care into my routine

I’m really bad at self-care. I’m a people pleaser by nature so, I’m constantly putting the needs of other people above my own. I have a hard time setting boundaries and I feel a lot of guilt saying no to others. Even when I do say “No,” I usually follow it up with a, “Well maybe I can work it out…” and eventually I end up stressed to the max and juggling way more than I can handle. I decided to set this personal goal as a step toward learning how to take care of myself. I am truly most fulfilled when I’m in a position to help other people or give to other people, but I’ve learned that I need to take care of myself first. It may be cliché, but it’s so true, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” so I plan on keeping my cup full this year!

Here are some of my self-care ideas for the month of January:

  1. Go to a Yoga class
  2. Get a guilt-free Mani/Pedi
  3. Take my dog on a long walk by the water
  4. Go to a café without my laptop to read and simply be present
  5. Journal about my day

Spend Intentionally

Saving money has been a huge priority for me since I opened my first bank account in college. I’ve always contributed to my savings by automatic transfer each month, and there was a time when I focused heavily on building up my savings account, so I would contribute money from every paycheck. One thing I never really considered was how I was spending the other portion of my money. Until recently, I hadn’t thought about how intentional I was being with my spending as long as I was hitting my savings goals. I always think about expensive purchases before making them and I definitely try to stick to my grocery list, but I haven’t given much thought to the random little items, clothes, coffees, and snacks that I blindly spend money on every week. A vending machine snack here or there won’t break the bank, but a steady stream of little purchases do add up over time. This year, I want to be more mindful of how I’m actually spending my money.

Open an Investment Account

Investing is so important, and this year I’m taking my own advice to open an investment account. I’ve always known that investing my money is a great way to start building wealth, but I’ve never taken any action. I can make up excuse after excuse, but truthfully, I was secretly worried that by tying up my money up in an investment account, I would be putting myself in a bad position if I ever needed my “emergency funds.” That was absolutely ridiculous because I had more than enough money saved in my savings account to accommodate a moderate emergency (depending on your perspective I guess) and a small investment portfolio. My finances have changed a bit within the last year, so I don’t have as much money to invest, but I’m making the decision to do it now. Had I taken my own advice at 22, I might be in a different financial position now, but it’s never too late to start!

Move out on my own

Ah the joys of growing up in New York. It is EXPENSIVE let me tell you! For some reference, currently a studio apartment in Queens, NY costs $1595/month. Yes, that’s right, rent for a ONE ROOM apartment in an outer-borough of New York City is $1595/month. I still live at home with my amazing family, but I’m starting to get the itch to move out and be on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I’m super grateful that I’ve been able to live at home to save money and actually live my life, but I think the time is right for me to fly away from the nest! With rent super high and my income not super high, I’ve got my work cut out for me and I plan on sharing the whole journey with you guys here! 

Those are my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions! I’m so excited to work toward some awesome goals this year! Stay tuned this week for my post on how to set realistic goals and actually achieve them. It’s great to make New Year’s Resolutions, but following through is where the magic truly happens. I’ll have tips, tricks, and printable worksheets to help keep you on track toward crushing your goals for 2020!

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