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Bluchic is one of the leading providers for feminine and professional looking WordPress themes. I decided to upgrade to a Bluchic theme about a month ago and I’m so glad that I did. There are plenty of free WordPress themes that have great features, but unless you’re really good at coding, it’s very hard to customize them. The value of paid themes like Bluchic is truly in the features, responsiveness, SEO optimization, and customer support.

The Bluchic Difference

Man paying $79 for a theme sounded insane to me when I first came across the Bluchic website, but I changed my tune when I decided to get serious about my blog business. I researched tons of reviews and poked around a bunch of websites using Bluchic to ensure that I was making a wise investment. The verdict: Bluchic has it all from the features and SEO Optimization to lightning speed responsiveness. 

I’m 100% sure I made a great investment in my business by purchasing a Bluchic theme and here’s why:

Super Simple Set-Up

Bluchic themes are crazy easy to set up. The instructions provided by Bluchic for downloading and switching themes on WordPress were very accurate and easy to follow. They even provide short video tutorials for simple customization. My site was ready to go within an hour after downloading and switching to the Bluchic Isabel theme

Free Lifetime Updates & Usage

That’s right! Once you buy a Bluchic theme, you get free updates for life and it’s yours to use and install on as many websites as you want. So theoretically, with a single theme purchase, you have the capability to create as many beautiful SEO Optimized and fully customizable websites as you want. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty amazing deal.

Free and Exclusive Blogging Resources

When you purchase any Bluchic product, you can also opt in to receive emails about special promotions and blogging resources. Katie, the founder of Bluchic, also provides exclusive blogging tips and tricks to help you step up your game. 

Even if you don’t purchase anything from Bluchic, you can make use of their free resource library which has tons of useful checklists, workbooks, and tutorials on blogging, marketing, social media, and more. 

Room to Grow

Every Bluchic WordPress theme comes optimized to support a whole host of features which makes it the perfect choice for everyone from beginner bloggers to seasoned pros. As you gain more experience and your needs evolve, your theme comes equipped to evolve with you. Whether you decide to add a custom landing page to advertise your services or an e-commerce button to drive traffic to your online shop, Bluchic themes come fully equipped to support you and your growing business.

Incredible Affiliate Program

Every company seems to have an affiliate program now a days and Bluchic is no exception. When I purchased the Isabel theme for my blog, I was hesitant to sign up to be an affiliate right away because I wanted to be sure that I could confidently promote Bluchic products with integrity. I waited a few weeks to see how well the theme integrated with my brand and how well it performed as I added widgets and features. My website updated easily and the responsiveness didn’t miss a beat, so becoming a Bluchic affiliate was a no brainer. 

Affiliates earn a solid 25% on each purchase made through an affiliate link. At $79 for a single WordPress theme, that calculates out to $19.75 profit for one purchase. It’s rare to find an affiliate program that offers over 20% commission to its affiliates and I think that really speaks to the Bluchic team’s confidence in its products and appreciation for its customer base.

The Bottom Line

Ready to get serious about blogging and treat your blog like a business, take a step in the right direction with a Bluchic WordPress Theme. Between the easy set-up, full suite of features, and amazing customer service, you can be confident that Bluchic has exactly what you need. 

4 Comments on Why a Bluchic WordPress Theme is right for you

  1. Hi Caitlin, do you think their theme will work for a family travel blog? I love their look and feel. But think they are too feminine.

  2. Hey there! I definitely think a Bluechic theme would work for a family travel blog. There are so many options for customization so I think they’re super versatile. I think it totally depends on what customization features you choose for your theme and your colors 😊 Personally, I’m very girly so I chose different shades of pink. What’s your blog url? I would LOVE to check it out!

  3. I am still working on my blog. It is in progress 🙂 I got this theme from BluChic. It is indeed a fantastic one!

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