Disney World is probably one of the most Instagram-able locations in the world! One of my favorite parts of going to Disney World is hunting down famous instagram spots and discovering new ones. Check out some of the best photo locations I found in all four parks!

The Magic Kingdom

Woman in front of Disney World Purple Wall

The iconic purple wall! I debated getting a picture here because I didn’t want to be like everyone else, but I caved and did it anyway. I love that this location is almost always shady and off the beaten path, so you don’t get the usual hustle and bustle from the crowds in the background. You can also take a few steps to the right for a cool geometrical design reminiscent of Spaceship Earth.

A dream is a wish your heart makes… Cinderella Wishing Well is the perfect spot for a dreamy photo full of Disney magic. I took this photo last year on my first trip to Disney and it’s one of my absolute favorites. You can find the Cinderella Wishing Well to the right of Cinderella Castle as you walk past the hub from Main Street. 

Hollywood Studios

Woman in front of Disney World The Muppets Store

What’s not to love about Kermit and Ms. Piggy?! I took this picture right in front of the Muppets Store in Hollywood Studios. I love the splashes of color and the classic playful Disney vibe. The Muppets Store area has a bunch of photo-worthy walls to perk up your Instagram accounts.

Woman in front of Disney World Toy Story Mania Wall

Toy Story Land is AWESOME! There are tons of spots to take a great photo, but I love the walls just after you get off Toy Story Mania and just outside the exit. The blue and white paneled walls make anything warm toned really stand out!


Woman in front of Disney World Morocco Pavilion Fountain

Epcot is full of beautiful backdrops for pictures, but this fountain in the Morocco Pavilion is by far my favorite! The intricate detailed tile work and bright colors are sure to make any outfit pop!


As the sun goes down, you might think your Instagram photo opportunities in EPCOT are limited to the fireworks show and Spaceship Earth, but EPCOT has so much more to offer. As we made our way to the exit after spending the whole day eating and drinking around the world, I looked down to find LED lights shimmering in the pavement. There are a million artsy ways to capture this beautiful detail, but I decided to keep it simple with a quick snap and an instagram filter.

The Animal Kingdom

Pretty much anywhere in Pandora – The World of Avatar  is an Instagram-Worthy spot! While this part of the park truly comes to life at night, you can really capture the detailed set artistry in the daylight. 

Woman in Disney World Animal Kingdom

Most of the winding paths lined with beautiful greenery in the Animal Kingdom make the perfect backdrop for pictures! 

Instagram Photo Spots in Disney World

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  1. I love Disney World so much!! Whenever I visit, I am so busy looking for rides and food that I overlook a lot of Insta worthy spots. Thank you for the tips. I’ll be sure to utilise them during my next WDW visit 🙂

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